Preschoolers, Yes,my recent scope of study.I am practicing preschoolers learning,their activities,mode of learning,how they grow,yes,besides ,all my management and business studies this is my new learning.I am very excited to share with you all many of the learned things.

First,what it preschooler?As from google dictionary,it’s definition is a child which is not yet old enough for school. Yes,a child which is not being able to school learning,that’s need more than school,more childcare,more focus of his/her guardian or teacher.

Second,preschooler is it self is great fun,obviously,children’s which like an open book,they learn and memorize everything from whatever they observe,either their environment,their social circle,their parents,teachers,everyone and everything.

I will share more of the preschoolers techniques and strategies with you all.

Stay tuned.

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love to all.

Anum Uzair



Sleep vs stars 

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Back in Action….

Hello all,

He-hehehe ,Yes, me laughing because of the title of today’s post.Anyhow,me back in action,back in writing,back to my readers.

Was busy in teachers training,assignments deadline and many more.

Now what next,thinking to do some shopping for Eid,decorating house and many more.

Stay tuned.

Anum Uzair.

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Back to work 

What to share with you all for today,yes , work ,work. 

I am volunteering in a nursery in Dubai as I have to complete some working hours for the course that I am doing. By the way, it’s international preschool curriculum (IPC). This is my fourth week in nursery. I arrived there at the same time as usual 8:30 am in morning.

The nursery is great and I love to work with kids. The joy, excitement you get to teach and to learn with them is worth spending your time. 

Well, after all this , I am looking for full time job, obvio in the teaching field but no good response I get so far. Connected with so many recruiters, did so many job hunts, emailed cv to lots of addresses but still a blank response. 

Anyways, this is not end for me, I will keep trying and working hard to achieve my goals . Remember me in your prayers. 

One more thing , a Ramadan give away in my nursery at the start of Ramadan 2017 .

So till next reading, stay happy and safe .Bye everyone . 

Anum Uzair 

5th June,2017 

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Last Night Iftar Party

Hello readers,

Last night ,I hosted an iftar party at my place,for my cousins.

The event was great,Alhumdullilah,prepared lots of great meals,which includes chicken vegetable rolls,chicken cheese bites,mangore,rooh afza,chana chaat,dahi phulki,and my most favourite khajoor(dates).

After a long day preparation,I also made chicken biryani in dinner to serve to my guests.My guests is my close family members.The couple living here in Dubai from last five years and they have three little kids ,two of school going and third is toddler.They arrived at my place just a minute before iftar,we all seated and open our fast and than enjoy the scrumptious meals.

After that ,magrib prayer performed by me and my cousin sister in our house,and my cousin brother and husband went to mosque for prayer.When they returned ,we all enjoy sharing each other Ramadan timetables and what we use to eat in sahr and iftar with drinking tea.

Than the evening well ended with a yummy dinner of chicken biryani which me and my all family members and yes the guests too love to eat .

Blessings all the way,that God give us the power,strength ,happiness to share our meals and time together with our brothers and sisters.Talks,love,laughter,pics,selfies all necessary items of any meetup .

Stay cool,welcome others ,enjoy the spirit of Ramadan ,remember each other in good deeds,thoughts and prayer.

Take care all,

Anum Uzair

4th June 2017

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Ramadan 2017

Alhumdullilah for everything.

Today is the 8th Roza ,here in Dubai, 3rd June,2017.

I am writing my first blog of Ramadan 2017 ,sitting on my favorite comfy,cool seat, my brown bean bag which I purchased from Home box two months back.

This Ramadan is very special to me and I hope and pray to God for every Ramadan ahead full of joy ,happiness and celebrations.As In the month of Ramadan,we have many things to do,the fasting,praying,doing charity,make good deeds,act kindly and many more.

This year,celebrating the first Ramadan with my husband,my love line is all I want every time. I miss my beautiful house,my mom dad sitting on dining table on their head seats and I on the next seat to my dad,missing my younger brother ,his last minute prayer before opening the fast.

Family and relationships all important and blessings in our life but now rather to make myself weak ,in terms of keep remembering those memories and them,I used to pray for everyone.For me,my,husband,family,in-laws,siblings,friends,colleagues and to all humanity.

Will keep updating Ramadan 2017 chapters from my sweet life .Stay tuned.Take good care.

Anum Uzair