Everyone is different

Yes,we all….we all different with race,religion,colour and many.

We say things to each other,to be honest at times by my side too,but i didn’t disclose with anyone .I just said it with me ,with my mom but later ,I realized that everyone is living the life at their comfort,their own terms.So remember, we all different and unique so stay happy,cool,live your life and leave everything to GOD .

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Hey all;

It’s a personal matter,but want to share ,might be I get an answer from all.

What to do at this stage of my life,when I quit my some of the working plans for someone,I might live my life on to my own grounds ,on to my own state and to my on well being.People in our society believes that they have a control on someone else life and they want to show how much they own someone by giving their own statements.

Why not people understand that every human being is different and their mindsets too,their goals,ambitions too different.So why not people help to achieve each other goals rather being pushing them back to achieve.

Sorry ,don’t want to go and don’t need to keep a relationship when people believe that we can’t do anything .If they have a bad experience from someone does not mean the other too will have it .

After so much thinking,I decided what I used to do ,re-start that stuff.I don’t have to tell to anyone what I used to be and what I want .My support is me ,my family my mom dad,who always believes in me ,last but not the least,my self motivation ,which can bring a change to me ,to my life and to my career.

Thanks for reading…


Well,life is all about celebrations,going through the good and bad times,is our choice how we look ,perceive and handle the situations.

Till this time period of life, as I entered into the new phase of life,many challenges are there to face me but with the courage and determination, I will handle  all at my best .

Remember,once we believe that we can’t ,so means no and if our heads,minds,effort,hardwork all driven to yes,so all powers of nature and ourselves starting achieving that thing .

It’s not a game of 100 percent win or loss but it still we will achieve the most .If not full,than at least we are able to nearest of it.



Back to Writing

It’s been a long time ,didn’t write anything ,busy with couple of personal commitments to be going on . Now Alhumdullilah ,back to work ,slowly and slowly will be getting back to track .

Have a great day..